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Q: 你们有设计XXX类产品的经验吗?

A: 我们的客户来自各行各业,从常见的食品、饮料,到不常见的文具、医疗都有尝试。有幸,我们的作品目前市场反响都还不错。但世间行业千千万,总有目前我们未能触及的领域,但商品包装设计的逻辑相通,我们与一些领域的客户合作时都是首次涉足,且结果都很不错,也因此吸引来了该行业的其他客户。所以若您的行业我们目前还未涉足过,请相信我们。

Q: 我们只承接包装设计吗?

A: 我们专注于产品包装设计,不承接单独的品牌或脱离包装以外的设计类别。但围绕包装所需要的配套品牌形象、视觉、印刷出版物、线上页面甚至品牌IP吉祥物等都是我们设计服务的涵盖范畴,再次强调,承接这些设计项目需要以我们负责相关的产品包装设计或曾有相关合作为前提。

Q: 设计服务如何报价?

A: 您可以通过上方的电话或微信联系我们,在了解到您尽可能详细的设计需求后,我们会给出我们详细的报价。

Q: 签订合同后多久可以看到设计方案?

A: 单件产品包装设计周期为两周,合作包含的设计产品件数越多设计周期越长。我们可以根据客户的需求及计划安排设计周期,但无法过度压缩设计周期。








Q: 是否接受无偿比稿?

A: 不接受。

Q: 希望作品未来可以获奖,可以保证我们得奖吗? 可以协助我们参赛吗? 费用如何计算?

A: 我们的每个设计作品都会达到国际级的设计标准,这是我们对自己的严格要求。我们当然很希望每个作品都可以得到大赛的认可,但比赛除了人和外还需天时地利,所以我们没办法做“一定会得奖”这样的保证。我们会在确定合作前与客户沟通是否有意愿参赛,我们会更倾向于承接有参赛意向的设计项目,到了赛季,我们也会提醒客户配合我们进行资料的汇总和产品实物的邮寄。所有的参赛费用会由客户方按照各个奖项当期收费标准(若需要可在我方指导下)支付,我方不收取额外的服务费用。


*Important fact clients need to know before cooperation

Because the design of product & packaging would more or less involve the manufacture links, which will directly affect the final design result. Our team is very familiar with all parts of the production process, and the concepts we give are all achievable. Even if some parts are challenging to manufacturer, we would also communicate with the manufacturer in advance to ensure that the concepts are completely manufacturable and reasonable in cost . In order to assure the final result, and design’s market performance, we need to closely participate in docking with the manufacturers and confirm the quality of the result.

Q: Do you have the experience of designing XXX products?

A:Our customers come from all walks of life, from common food and beverages to unusual stationery and medical treatment. Fortunately, the market response to our works is pretty good. Unfortunately, there are too many industries in the world, and there are always areas that we have not yet touched. However, the logic of product packaging design is the same. We have cooperated with customers in some fields which we set foot for the first time, and the results have been all good so far, so that other customers in those industries are turning to us. So if we have not set foot in your industry yet, please trust us.

Q: Do you ONLY undertake packaging and product design?

A:We do not undertake separate brands or design categories outside of packaging or product. However, visual works, printed publications, webs, and even brand IP mascots required for packaging or product are all covered by our design services. Again, undertaking these design projects requires us to be responsible for related product or packaging design, or have the relevant cooperation as a premise.

Q: How do you rate?

A: You can contact us via the phone or WeChat above, and we will give us a detailed quotation after understanding your design requirements as detailed as possible.

Q: How long do you take to do one work?

A: The single product or packaging design cycle is two weeks. The more design products included in the cooperation, the longer the cycle. We can arrange the timetable based on customer needs and plans, but we cannot over-compress our team’s working time.

Q: What’s the cooperation process?


①Communicate the needed design content, and based on which we will give a quotation and cooperation steps arrangement;

②Based on the design requirements, we will present the design direction with the customer based on references;

③After signing the contract, the design work will be launched after we received the 40% down payment;

④Design, propose, modify, and improve according to the arrangement, and pay the rest fees in stages in accordance with the contract;

⑤After we receive the final balance, we will provide the manufacturer and the customer the producible documents, and we will follow up the producing procedures in accordance with the contract to meet the needs of customers and manufacturers in time.

Q: Do you participate un-paid competitive presentation?


Q: Can you assure our design win awards? Can you assist us to participate design awards? How do you rate?

A: Each of our design works will meet international design standards, which is our strict requirement for ourselves. Of course we hope that every of our works can be recognized by the competition, but the competition has randomness, so we can’t guarantee that we will win the prize. We will communicate with clients to know if they plan for winning awards. We refer those who are more hoping to make design results win awards. When the competitions start, we will corporate with clients to do the preparations. All fees will be paid by clients (under our guidance) according to the rate of each award. We don’t do extra charge for supporting clients participate awards.


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We have long-term open positions: junior and senior designers, 3D modelers. We welcome partners with outstanding professionalism, active thinking and first-class technology to join our team. Please send your resume and portfolio to e-mail hezilab@126.com, and name the email as “name + target position + expected salary”, we will contact you as soon as possible.

*We are very sorry because can’t offer working visa to support foreigners to work in China at present.