CoFANCY 色彩实验室 美瞳产品

CoFANCY COLOR LAB Cosmetic Contact lenses


色彩实验室 COLOR LAB 是该系列产品的核心概念。盒型设计上,考虑到用户左右眼不同度数的情况,我们给出了“1+1=1”的组合方案,即两个三角盒一副(两件)可组成立方体,提升了产品体验。视觉设计,我们将实验室常见的“培养皿”提炼成主视觉元素,将圆形的培养皿变成了三角形,再结合盒型引申出七巧板、色块、魔方等概念,创造出了时尚、抽象同时极其呼应产品概念的包装方案。


COLOR LAB is the core concept of this series of products. For the box, considering the different degrees of the left and right eyes of the users, we come up with a combination method of “1+1=1”, which is, two triangular boxes are one pair (two pieces) can form a cube, which improves the product experience. In visual design, we refined the common “Petri Dish” in the laboratory into the main visual elements, and transformed the circular Petri dish into a triangle, and combined with the box shape to extend the concepts of Tangram, Color Block, Rubik’s Cube, etc., created fashionable, abstract packaging scheme which echoes this series’ concept.