COSWOOD Cold Brew Coffee





COSWOOD® is a café based in Tianjin, this project is a series of cold brew coffee liquid product launched in 2020. When client met us, they totally had not idea or direction for the product only the standard packaging specifications and three flavors which could be provided. In the process of combing by our team, the direction of the product and the market effect hoped by the design gradually became clear.

Because coffee products are different from ordinary fast-moving items, they are more inclined to hobby items. This gave us a more open space to design. With reference to the portraits of consumers’ preference and the branding, we came up with three key words “high recognition”, “avant-garde, simple, fashionable” and “easy-propagation potential” as design directions. We hope that in the future, consumers will remember this product at a glance and be attracted when they see it. No matter in the propagation by brand’s self or the social network sharing by consumers, this product’s stylish appearance would always easily seize every opportunity of propagation.

Since the fixed bag shape from the manufacturer and cannot be changed, we use this bag shape to make a strong identification point, the concept of “Blue Pocket” was refined. The team gave the inner and outer packaging a uniform and eye-catching “blue”. The blue color was derived from the process characteristics of the “cold brew”, which is also a rare color of traditional coffee products. Then referred to the branding patterns design from the fashion field, designed simple patterns for different flavors, and applied onto the outer box and inner bags.