ZeeCoo 彩色隐形眼镜

ZeeCoo the Cosmetic Contact lenses





This is a bold attempt in the cosmetic contact lenses market. The design concept comes from the “four-pointed star”, the main element of this series. Normally, users who choose to wear cosmetic contact lenses not only hope to make their pupils more special, but also hope that their eyes brighter and more energetic. ZeeCoo actively printed four-pointed star-shaped highlight points to the series of lenses to simulate the real highlight effect of the pupil. The “four-pointed star” is the core element of this series. After many attempts with the manufacturer, we finally realized the die-cut board which can form a “four-pointed star” image at both ends after once folding; with the brand gradient colors, we have created a set of highly recognizable products package.

A box of products contains 6 pairs (12 lenses) in total. Considering the fact that most users have different degrees of left and right eyes, in order to prevent users from getting two boxes of independent products like other brands to optimize the brand experience, we split a product into two parts. The two parts are independent of each other, which allows to configure the two sets of lenses of different degrees according to each user, and after simple combination, each user’s exclusive product can be formed.